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German Kitchens in Cambridge

If you’re looking to transform your Cambridge home interior with a state-of-the-art kitchen, then you should look no further than Kitchenology. Over the years, we have designed and installed sublime German kitchens for people all over the Cambridge and surrounding area, and we’d love to be a part of your new project, too.

If you’re looking to be inspired by the latest in German design, then look no further than our Case Studies page. Here, you’ll be able to look at detailed studies of the fabulous interiors we’ve installed for people in homes all around Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. From barn conversions to new builds and extensions, we’re vastly experienced when it comes to getting the best out of your space. You can find out more about our design studio and arrange a visit on this page.

The Best of German Engineering

German kitchens came to the fore in the 1920s. Before that, the more traditional styles of Shaker and In-Frame kitchens were popular across Europe. Although these quality kitchens were visually appealing, manufacturing techniques were moving on, and it wasn’t long before brands like Leicht started popping up in Germany. These were among the first brands to start manufacturing modern, handleless kitchens that are now at the height of popularity.

Fabulously functional, Our Leicht kitchens are made with high quality materials and are manufactured to precise standards. Cabinetry is produced with precision and constructed with craftsmanship in the time honoured method of the glued and dowelled carcase. Drawer load capacities of 80kg are de riguer, meaning that your kitchen is set up to cope with the heavy usage of day to day life.

In the manufacturing centres, state of the art machinery sits side by side with time-served craftsmen, hand making and finishing elements of each made-to-measure kitchen. Due to the combination of state of the art machinery to produce the standard items such as the carcase pieces, and hand making for the more individual elements, your kitchen demonstrates truly great value for money.

leicht solid range handleless

Bring Design To Life

Each kitchen is bespoke and made to order from the carcase to the doors, with designs tailored to your unique requirements. Cabinets are available in a huge range of both standard & customized sizes. These qualities enable us to design a kitchen that is true to the vision rather than planning a kitchen where the units available dictate the layout and style.

Cabinet height, width and depth can be adapted individually to suit the proportions of your kitchen space, design and you yourself. Eye-level ovens can truly be eye-level whatever your height! The range of size options together with customization ensures that your kitchen design is never compromised in terms of aesthetics, function and quality compliance.

Aesthetically Pleasing, Marvellously Practical

On first glance, a German kitchen can look as though it’s not as practical as, say, a traditional design. However, take a peek behind the exterior and a whole world of practicality is presented to you. Many German kitchens don’t use handles. The sleek, minimal approach gets rid of clutter like chunky handles and replaces them with a hidden method for opening and closing doors.

leicht solid range handleless

'Without Handles'

Firstly, many of the drawers use a Gola rail system, meaning although handles are absent, the drawers can still be operated easily. Some doors are opened with a simple push which operates an auto-open mechanism built into the hinges. Large drawers (which are popular with German designs) are incredibly functional and new innovations such as space towers give you a lot of storage space in a small footprint. A trip to our design studio near Cambridge would really help you to see many of the different options.

Taking the next step…

Sometimes making a start on your new kitchen idea can be a daunting prospect. We’re glad to say that we have trodden this path many times, and we are vastly experience and knowledgeable when it comes to creating your perfect kitchen vision.

If you’re looking for a German kitchen in Cambridge then we can help you to make a start. We’ll listen to all your wants, needs and ideas, and create an incredible design for your new space.

Handleless Pearl White and Oak Blend

Book Your Design Appointment Now

Booking a free appointment with a design expert in the design studio is as easy as emailing us on [email protected], calling us on 01284 724 723 or simply filling in the form on this page. From there, we’ll contact you to book a suitable time and we can then talk over the finer details in the showroom. We’ll look forward to seeing you soon…