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Grant, Rattlesden

The existing kitchen was old and worn out. The layout did not flow due to too many doors shutting off zones making the space dark and cluttered. As the utility is entered via the rear door then through to the kitchen, I wanted an open area running seamlessly from utility to kitchen.

It was important to rethink the layout of the kitchen and utility room – in particular the cabinetry, appliances, sinks, taps and electrics. I was after an organised work space with a lighter and much more open feel – also the inclusion of plenty of drawers and more work surfaces as well as somewhere to sit and have a coffee, or a bite to eat.

I visited several kitchen companies and received quotations from two. However, both companies based their plans on the existing kitchen layout and never suggested anything different.

Jennifer at Kitchenology, on the other hand, spent time with me and seemed to know what was in my head even if I never fully understood myself! I just knew as soon as I saw her design that it was exactly what I wanted.

Buying a new kitchen and appliances, plus refurbishment work on my own was a huge concern. I didn't want the worry of appointing different trades. For me it was the trust I felt when I first met Jennifer. She took away the anxiety and fear with her expert knowledge of different kitchen styles to suit different spaces and lifestyle, together with advice on appliances, taps and sinks, electrics, etc.

As soon as I visited the Kitchenology design studio and viewed the displays it was plain to see the quality was way above other kitchens I had viewed.

I never had any worries as I totally trusted Jennifer's knowledge and expertise being a family run kitchen business with many years’ experience.

I feel like I have gained another room in the house as it is so wonderful to sit and admire. In the evening the different lighting to suit one’s mood is amazing.