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Muscroft, Bury St. Edmunds

Before embarking on our kitchen project we were understandably concerned about making a sizeable financial (and emotional) investment in Kitchenology – a company neither we nor friends had used before. We really couldn't afford to get it wrong – fortunately we needn't have worried!

Having a new kitchen fitted is always going to be a disruptive affair with a few roller-coasters of emotions or doubts along the way. Kitchenology made the whole experience as easy and as painless as possible – from an unpressurised sales approach, through a highly receptive and inclusive design process to a careful, professional, attention to detail installation package.

The final result is a beautiful kitchen which really ‘works' for us.

Cooking is now more of a pleasure than a chore and the room is easier to keep clean and tidy. It is no longer a room ‘just' for preparing meals – it is much more of a social space and a good place to sit with a cup of tea and newspaper overlooking the garden. It is a world away from the kitchen that was there before.