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Embracing 2021 Kitchen Design Trends With Leicht Kitchens

Award-winning German kitchen manufacturers Leicht have been creating kitchens for almost a century and with such a rich design history, they understand exactly how to attain a perfect balance of modernity and timeless elegance. Their exceptional quality products are designed to achieve harmony with your lifestyle, to create a focal point to your home that transforms your everyday experience with enduring grace and style.

At Kitchenology we adore the timeless yet contemporary sense of refinement Leicht kitchens bring to the home, and while we always stay up to date with the latest interior design trends we know that it’s incredibly important to create kitchens that stand the test of time in both looks and durability. With Leicht’s superb quality timeless designs and our knowledge of the latest 2021 kitchen trends, we’ve created a wonderful and inspiring guide on what to consider including in your new design to achieve a stunning space that you’ll love for years to come.


The Concealed Kitchen

At Kitchenology we can’t deny that we’ve always had a passion for the clean lines and minimal aesthetic offered by the modern German kitchen, but this year it seems we’re ahead of the curve. Across the kitchen design industry, handleless German-inspired kitchens have seen a huge increase in popularity, with concealed kitchens being the latest expression of this. The concealed kitchen is characterised by a lack of obvious functional detailing, tall banks of cabinets provide an uninterrupted surface while appliances are in-built or hidden within units. Often the workspace is offered solely by a kitchen island. The exceptional Leicht kitchen below beautifully demonstrates this style.


kitchens in cambridge


A successful concealed kitchen creates an immaculate backdrop that’s ideal for open-plan living. Fantastsic intelligent storage and the additional space provided by full height units make the concealed kitchen wonderfully practical. Leicht’s pantry style storage and clever slide away doors create an ideal place for hiding small appliances, while sleek internal drawers make finding ingredients and crockery perfectly seamless. Leicht kitchens are incredibly popular with our clients who are looking to create a minimal clutter-free interior.



Dramatic Natural Materials

Kitchens featuring natural wood accents have been gaining popularity in recent years and in 2021 we expect this trend to reach new heights with dramatic stone effect surfaces entering the fray. This rising trend coincides with Leicht’s newly enhanced range of ceramic stone effect finishes. Their exquisite quality statement stone surfaces establish truly uncompromising and sophisticated interiors. Leicht also offers a stunning range of real wood panelling and timber cabinet designs which can be paired with either a dark and moody scheme or a more tranquil palette to create the desired effect. A natural wood surface is a beautiful way to bring a calming and inviting edge to a clean and contemporary design.



Calming Neutral Palettes

While bold and vibrant hues have been making waves in the more traditional world of shaker kitchens, neutral and understated tones are the colours of choice for our on-trend sleek and contemporary interiors. Leicht’s matt white designs pair seamlessly with dusky pinks, elegant greige and soothing olive hues as well as effortlessly complementing the light oak panelling depicted below. Having experienced a rather turbulent previous year, it’s safe to say we can all embrace a more serene and calming nature inspired palette.



Dark and Sophisticated Colour Schemes

At the other end of the spectrum entirely is the showstopping dark and sophisticated black kitchen. Drawing inspiration from the Nordic Noir interior design trend, bold black and moody anthracite handleless kitchens are undoubtedly going to be the star of the show in 2021. Leicht’s pure and crisp charcoal cabinetry offsets their on-trend volcanic natural stone surfaces like nothing else to create extraordinary spaces that appear to have emerged from something altogether more wild and untamed. Alternatively, you can create a brighter and more warming interior with Leicht’s combination of dark units and rich oak panelling as seen below.


Modern kitchen cambridge


Curated Shelving

If you love a clean and uncluttered aesthetic but you don’t want to go as far as a completely concealed kitchen, then Leicht’s graceful slimline shelving strikes the perfect balance. In 2021 the curated interior is key. Positioning your favourite vases or tableware upon thoughtfully placed display shelving injects personality and life into your design without making it feel messy or overwhelming. Leicht’s beautiful and delicately illuminated shelves give your possessions the illusion of floating, introducing a charming and elegant detail to your design.


leicht solid range accesories


At Kitchenology we demand the exceptional in everything we do. We are privileged to work with a range of world-class suppliers and manufacturers which allows us to share the latest in design innovation with our clients. If you’d like to find out more about how we can bring your unique vision to life with an exceptional custom designed Leicht kitchen, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01284 619728 or email