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Introducing the new Leicht Solid range

Minimalist and authentic

The new Leicht Solid range, available at Kitchenology, is pleasant to the touch and cuts a convincing figure with its minimalist design and high-grade finishing.

At first glance, Solid has a minimalist and timelessly elegant air. When you open the calm, handleless fronts, a high-grade solid-wood edge becomes visible – an expression of solid craftsmanship which lends the range considerable emotionality.

The fronts consist of a laminate-covered wooden core with an anti-fingerprint finish in black or white; the surrounding edges are crafted from solid oak. In its visual reticence, Solid can be planned entirely to suit the living area and incorporated in various interior styles – the classically elegant colours of black or white as well as neutral-coloured and versatile oak make a Solid kitchen durable and homely, reflecting the values of the company Leicht that Kitchenology are proud to work with.

New Solid front

The new Solid front presents a perfectly harmonious figure in combination with a panel wall made of structured oak. Leicht offers inspiring planning solutions for the entire interior.


Handleless fronts

The calm, handleless fronts of the Solid range are characterised by a surrounding solid-wood edge made of oak. The edge only manifests itself at second glance and exudes homely warmth.

leicht solid range handleless


Solid-wood edge

From this perspective, your eyes are drawn to the high-grade, surrounding solid-wood edge made of highly structured oak, an attractive contrast to the handle-less, matt white fronts. Perfect craftsmanship and pure understatement.

leicht solid range edge


High-grade oak drawers

The air of perfect craftsmanship is continued when you take a look inside the new Solid range. Like the solid-wood edge, the trays inside the drawers are made of high-grade oak.

leicht solid range inside drawer


High-grade panel wall for accessories

Accessories give a kitchen a homely and personal note: delicate shelves are integrated in the high-grade panel wall and positioned individually.

leicht solid range accesories


Elegant shelving

The shelves – seen here in subdued white – are elegant and homely with their cleverly integrated LED strip light: a detail that leaves plenty of room for individual ideas.

leicht solid range shelves