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The benefits of steam

The Siemens studioLine Steam Ovens offer more possibilities to prepare perfectly tasty dishes. Use fullSteam, for instance, to cook vegetables or potatoes without losing taste, colour or vitamins. Since no grease or oil is needed it is tasty and healthy too. You can prepare perfectly crispy and juicy dishes with the pulseSteam function. The full-size cavity of the Steam Oven offers you maximum freedom and flexibility to prepare the perfect meal of any size. The pulseSteam oven also features activeClean; a cleaning function that heats the oven cavity up to 480°C to burn away all dirt and grime leaving the oven clean, dry and ready to use again.

The fullSteam oven combines all the heating modes of a full-featured oven with those of a steam cooker, in one single appliance. Ideal for fish and vegetables, nutrients are retained and food is left beautifully flavoursome. It's easy to operate and also simple to refill the concealed one litre water container – press a button to open the front panel, remove the container, fill it and you're ready to steam ahead.

Cook with steam, or bake and roast with hot air, or do both – steam ovens give you the right method for any food. The combination of steam and hot air makes them right for more than just meat, fish and vegetables. Bread, cake and roasts come out right too, crisp on the outside and moist on the inside.

Steam ovens are the healthy alternative to conventional ovens. Steaming retains the flavour, vitamins and nutrients in food. Vegetables keep their bite, shape and appealing natural colour. They don't just look good. They're also healthy and delicious.

Prepare perfectly juicy and crispy dishes with pulseSteam and other cooking functions like hot air to create a wider variety of meals that make the appliance more flexible.

Control your Siemens products anytime, anywhere using the combination of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, smart software and the Home Connect app making your everyday life as efficient as possible.

HN878G4B6B, Single oven with microwave & pulseSteam

HS858GXB6B, Single oven with fullSteam

CS858GRB6B, Compact steam oven

CN878G4B6B, Compact oven with microwave & pulseSteam