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An end to tiresome commutes has left many of us with more time for discovering or indulging in our passion for cooking. In doing so, you may have noticed potential for some practical improvements to your kitchen design. Perhaps some of your appliances are no longer being used (get rid of that microwave for good) or are in need of updating. An organised and clutter free kitchen is key to efficient working, consider introducing innovative storage solutions to your new design such as pantry cupboards or pull out larders. Drawers are often more easily accessible than cupboards and can be integrated into units for a sleek and functional feature. Changing your kitchen layout can make for a more practical cooking space, establishing dedicated areas for food preparation and ensure the three most important features (sink, hob and refrigerator) are all easily accessible. A fantastic addition to any kitchen design is a kitchen island. An island provides extra storage and workspace and is an ideal place to position appliances to create distinct functional zones, benefiting the overall flow of your space. While a kitchen island has a host of benefits to enhance your kitchen’s cooking capabilities, there are also plenty of features that make it great for families and open-plan living.